How Vaping Pen is different from Vaping Mod?

How Vaping Pen is different from Vaping Mod?

In this article I would like to underline some of the key differences between the AVPs or regular vaping pens and the Vape Mods which are the larger, machine like vaping devices. We will also underline the main differences and the pros and cons of both devices. AVP: the vaping pen which is a classic version of vaporizer. They are generally slim, easy to hold, lightweight, easy to use and they are also the cheapest option. The AVPs are perfect for those who use vaping only as a hobby or pastime activity and who wish to have a safe device with a good battery life for use. AVPs come with replaceable atomizers which need to be replaces every 3-4 months, depending on the intensity of their usage. When you feel that the vape doesn’t taste as good as it should be, it’s generally a clear sign of your atomizer having to be changed. When buying a vaper it is recommended to buy an extra atomizer so that you won’t have to return or spend much of money for a good half a year at least (not including the eliquid use of course).

Vaping pen advantages:

  • Great for new starters: this is the best option for beginners. They come with their case, they are easy to adjust and re-adjust. They are very easy to fill as well.

  • Inexpensive: under 100 USD

  • Easy to carry, hold, refill and monitor as per usage

  • Easy to clean: with care you can easily clean the cartridge of a vape pen

  • Good versatility: easy to use

  • Comes in different colors and designs.

Vaping Mods: these are the large devices which we can generally get to see when we are searching to check out vaping pens. They are the more advanced versions of vaping pens and know many more things, but we still do not suggest it for beginners or for those without much of a technical knowledge. Today, Vape Mods have their very own gadget fan base and those are people who also have a good experience in electronics. They often say that the origins of Vape mods are in flashlight because that was the first device which was called in as a help when the first person wanted to make their vaping pen have a higher performance. Indeed vaping mods are all about being stronger, larger, and more effective in terms of their performance. But they are also for those who have the capability to change and rebuild their coils (atomizers) and who have the dedication to care for their device on the long haul. Mods are totally adjustable in terms of the level of vape, the level of nicotine, the strength of throat kick and the battery performance too. Mods come with an extra strong battery, otherwise they are all about customization.

Vaping mod advantages:

  • High number of adjustable features

  • High battery life

  • Very durable


  • Price: they are expensive as they are specific

  • Not for beginners or those lacking technical knowledge about voltage, wattage and the differences between the circuits)

  • Check out all the mods and AVPs which are on sale and decide according to your expertise, wallet and taste.